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While navigating the Charity Partner Portal, please reference our Charity Partner Guide, and the FAQ and Glossary portal page. These resources provide a foundation for understanding partnership benefits and responsibilities, portal functions and capabilities, and more about engaging with donors, corporate partners, and Community Health Charities.

Our portal will give you the ability to access and update key information about your organization 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The portal has four key sections:

  1. Profile: The profile section allows you to edit your organization’s profile and your personal information. This includes your contact information, your organization’s information, EFT banking information for distribution, as well as other contacts at your organization.

  2. Application: The application section contains information about your annual application and open application-based campaigns.

  3. Events: View the event section to learn more about volunteering at campaign events to represent Community Health Charities and your organization.

  4. Reports: The reports section allows you to view detailed reports about your donors, distribution, and the campaigns we have included you in. This information is compiled live from our system in order to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Charity Partner Guide

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) released their 2018 application and listing fees today. Campaign fees have slightly decreased from 2017; please see attached for details. The application itself has not yet been released but will be offered via our Charity Partner Portal when available.

There are many questions about what these fees are and what it means for your organization so we’ve attempted to address some frequently asked questions here to help guide your decision for applying to the campaign in 2018.

What are these fees and why are they now being assessed?

These fees were first outlined in OPM’s final regulations concerning the CFC published on 4/17/2014.  They are used to establish and maintain a Central Campaign Administrator (CCA) which streamlines the application, donor and distribution processes online.

What is the difference in Application vs Listing fees?

The Application fee is required when submitting an application for participation in the Combined Federal Campaign. This fee is non-refundable is your organization is declined participation in the CFC. Once reviewed and approved a charity would be required to pay the Listing fee.

What type of organization are our members considered (Federated/Member/Unaffiliated)?

Approved members of Community Health Charities would apply to the CFC as “member” of a federated organization.

Will we owe the fees for each separate application?

Yes, each national and each local zone application requires payment for participation.

Can we simply apply as a single national organization?

Yes, this is an option.

Do we have to apply separately in each CFC zone?

Community Health Charities will apply on your behalf to the appropriate zones based on your eligibility. If you are part of a national organization with local chapters across the country, your organization may elect to not apply for a chapter to participate in the CFC.

Our 60 year commitment to the CFC remains unchanged, along with our belief in the on-going generosity of federal employees. We will continue to provide details on our Charity Partner Portal as they are available from the CFC.