Who We Are

Neighbor To Nation (NTN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that represents America’s finest charities in charitable giving opportunities. NTN builds and nurtures relationships between donors and volunteers through a broad spectrum of human service, medical research and faith-based charities, by means of employee involvement campaigns.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving provides millions of Americans with a reliable and efficient way to support the causes in which they believe. Workplace giving campaigns allow donors to give via payroll deduction or other means, and also offer participating charities the opportunity to educate donors about their missions and impact. By allowing workplace giving, employers send a message that they care not only about their employees, but about the world around them as well.

Neighbor To Nation supports charities in workplace giving campaigns in a variety of ways. NTN notifies participants of campaign opportunities and provides training and application review services to ensure that each member meets the campaign participation guidelines and completes the application correctly. During the fall campaign season, NTN staff attend campaign events and send promotional material to campaigns on behalf of charities, educating donors about the mission and impact of each participant. Finally, NTN collects and disburses funds raised in the campaign. All these efforts are designed to simplify the campaign process for charities and maximize donations received from campaigns.